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On grid Solar System On-grid Solar System
On grid Solar power System
On-grid solar power system is the simplest and most cost effective way to connect PV modules to regular utility power. Grid-Connected systems can supply solar power to your home and use utility power as a backup. When you produce more power than you use, your surplus green / renewable electricity goes into the grid to be used by others. When you use more energy than you produce or at night when your solar panels do not produce, power produced by your utility is sent to you via the grid. No matter what size system you have, you do not have to make any lifestyle changes.
It produce the electric energy and save by the storage battery during the day, then provide the DC12V, DC24V, DC48V and AC220V power as per your requirements when you use during day or night. It’s high-tech and green power system for no electric line and remote area instead of traditional generating equipment. The system is consisted of high energy conversion efficiency and high outdoor durability solar module (overall corrosion resistance, storms, hail resistant) and high-performance, multi-protection charge / discharge / inverters(with the functions to prevent battery from over-discharge, overcharge, short circuit, reverse polarity, overload, lightning, etc.) and long life maintenance-free batteries and other accessories.